Regulating a 1950s Kimball grand for a customer in north Tacoma.  The circular paper punchings are placed under the keys to regulate their dip.

This console piano was missing a front caster after it was moved.  Here I have tilted it up with a portable device in the owner's home, allowing me to easily and safely replace the missing caster.
The slideshow below shows two used Yamaha uprights at Classic Pianos that I regulated.  I disassembled them in order to regulate their actions.  The action and keys were removed to enable me to vacuum out the dust accumulated over the years and to access the parts needed to make the keys level and give them the right amount of dip (how far the fingers can depress them).  The action includes the hammers and other moving parts except for the keys.  All used pianos at Classic are serviced before being offered for sale.